Claremont Football Club – Membership Terms & Conditions

Conditions of Sale
The Claremont Football Club makes every effort to provide a high-quality, valuable experience and membership offering to our fans. The Club reserves its right to cancel a member’s membership without refund when that member has breached the club’s behavioural code of conduct.

Club Membership Code of Conduct
While barracking and supporting the Club is a vital part of the game, offensive or aggressive behaviour (including yelling and swearing when dealing with Club staff, contractors or WAFL or other event staff) will not be tolerated.

The Club endorses the AFL’s and WAFL’s stance on vilification and has a zero-tolerance for members or supporters that abuse the opposition, opposition supporters, or umpires on grounds of race, religion, gender and sexuality.

General Conditions of Entry
Club Members must adhere to all rules and restrictions imposed by the venues attended by the Club Member. All venues are smoke-free. Patrons are not permitted to bring alcohol into any venue and must adhere to strict restrictions placed on alcohol consumption in designated areas at all venues.

Reserved Seats
Members have the right to purchase (add on) a reserved seat for all home games at Revo Fitness Stadium (Claremont Oval). The Club reserves its right to only offer one reserved seat for sale per paid-up member. No reserved seating is purchasable without an accompanying financial membership.

Lost or Stolen Memberships Cards
If a Club Membership card is lost or stolen, please notify Member Services at the Claremont Football Club (08) 9384 9200 or via email to

The Club can reissue a replacement Membership card, however costs apply

Annual Membership Rollover
Where Members have agreed to opt-in to rollover their annual membership, they authorise the Club to automatically renew their annual Membership every 12 months from the subscription date (or such earlier date as the Club may notify to the Member from time to time) (‘‘Rollover Date’’) and debit their nominated credit/debit card for the applicable Membership Fee for the forthcoming year in accordance with these terms and conditions.

The Club will provide notice of the relevant Membership Fees and any changes to the relevant Member’s Membership Package category or entitlements at least 28 days before any Annual Membership Rollover takes effect.

Members can opt out of automatic rollover by notifying Member Services at the Claremont Football Club (08) 9384 9200 or via email to

Where notice is given more than 5 business days before the Rollover Date, there will be no automatic renewal of your Membership.

Payment of Claremont Football Club membership fees are required in full.

Your Membership Fee can be paid at the time of renewal via any one of the following methods: VISA, MasterCard, BPay, Cheque, Cash or EFTPOS. Automatic rollover of a membership fee is paid via VISA or MasterCard.

Voting Rights
Club Members’ voting rights are determined by the Club’s Constitution (found at under CFC/Constitution)